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New Classes

posted Oct 28, 2012, 10:46 AM by Kanika Samra
We will be starting classes again 12 November with a beginner class and also an intermediate/advanced technique class. The technique class willl bring in drills and terms from the KEDC Mdern-Classic Belly Dance Syllabus. We'll be pulling form grades 1 and 4. The work will be familiar but a bit different in regard to terms and also emphasis. The syllabus is designed to approch belly dance from a Dance point of view--not as something mysterious and sultry but as an art form that can be compared in complexity to other established dance genres. It's an interesting approach that will hopefully see the end of belly dance being in the same breath as Zumba, pole dancing, burlesque etc and instead on the same page as ballet, tap, jazz and street. Suitable for all ages and an educational experience that will aid in the fomation of a well rounded dancer. Should be fun :)